The Scepter

a red box with a red handle and a black handle

Power; AC/Audio. Will not run on DC

Weight; 4.5 oz without grip.

Frame; 7075 Aerospace aluminum.

Drive bar; Carbon Fiber with 316 surgical stainless steel bearing guid.

Magnets; Neodymium N-52

Adjuster; Linear ball bearing.

Top plate; Carbon Fiber.

Vice; Sleeved tube pinch vice.

Usable frequency; 1-110 hz

Powerband; 80-100hz

Stroke; 1-4mm electronically controled

a tattoo machine is sitting on top of a green plant

The factory settings of the Scepter are based on usable tattoo frequencies. From the factory it is set to have power between 80 and 100 Hz peeking out between 85 and 95. This can be manually changed using the adjuster but otherwise all settings would be performed using the app. For more information see the Scepter user guide

The Scepter is a linear coil machine specifically designed for cartridge needles. It is the third version of the Innercoil audio machine. It comes with a standard adjustable grip. All materials used are of the highest qualities available.

The Scepter is made mostly custom to order, but sometimes I do have some in stock. Check the store or with me for more details.

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