How it works

Audio machines require the amplifier power supply and the app to operate!

So how does it work?

The best way to begIn to understand the system is to think of the app as your spotify, the power supply as your Bluetooth amplifier and the machine as a speaker. When the app sends a sound signal to the amp it moves the needle instead of making sound.

Why audio?

Audio technology has been developed for over 100 years to do one thing. Precisely control the movement of a solenoid. Our coil machines are solenoids. Audio technology is light years ahead of most tattoo technology but happens to be by nature the perfect solution to advance tattoo machines.

For an in depth understanding its important to first understand the difference between AC and DC electricity.

DC electricity is a one-way street. Energy flowing down the street can only flow in one direction. In a tattoo machine a series of on and off segments represented by your machine's duty dictates the speed and hit. When the contact is touching it is on, and when it isn’t, it is off in response. It is either on or off at any given voltage.

AC electricity is a two-way street. As any positive pulse is happening on one side, an equal and opposite pulse is happening on the other. Because of this, the energy levels can fluctuate, creating any number of infinite steps as opposed to just on and off.

Then there is audio. An audio signal is a low voltage amplified AC signal. As a positive pulse comes into the speaker, it pushes the voice cone out, and when a negative one comes, it sucks it back in, in response to the magnet's polarity. It is done with such speed and precision, it can accurately replicate sounds up to 20,000HZ.

The Ink-weasel app uses very specific audio signals connected via bluetooth to a small amplifier. This controls the needle of a machine with the surgical precision of a speaker. It can act in any manner you want it to on the fly. So instead of spending days changing parts tuning a machine to do a specific job, you just change settings. Within seconds, you can go from any technique to the next. Simply pick your wave form, pick your speed, and adjust the amplitude.

Because of the negative pulse, the precision of depth and the speed of operation are dramatically increased. The needle gets pulled out of the skin with just as much force as it was put in with, instead of depending on lagging spring tension balanced against the weight of an A-bar. This makes it possible to run things like dot work at the slowest speeds ever with usable hit down to less then 20hz, while being able to turn up the volume at 95hz and just dig in some trad lines.

The result of the needle pulling out faster the other machines is simple. More ink per hole, Less skin trauma, and faster heal times. Along with no snag whip shading and faster procedure times. Even light colors like teal go in instantly.

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