Using a SMALL drop of gun or 3in1 oil on the bar at the adjuster is important to do at at the beginning of the day. This keeps it running smooth all the time. Though it might run for weeks or months without oil eventually this will cause it to bind up and stop working.

I turn the machine on its side and put a SMALL drop on the bar where it touches the linear barring and immediately dab it off with a paper towel removing any excess oil before it floods the adjuster. Just leaving a thin layer I then turn the machine up right and run for a few seconds.


Do not spray with Sterilizing sprays. All touchable surfaces are cleanable with solvents but you do not want to get any on the springs. Spray first on a paper towel then wipe the machine down.


Breaking down the machine to clean may be necessary from time to time. This may happen if to much oil is used or iron dust comes to close to the magnet. To do this simply remove top plate by taking out the 2 screws and pulling the bar. Be careful it is under tension and could pop out. After pulling wipe down everything and inspect the parts. These are dry parts and should not be wet with oil. Use a Q-tip with a small amount of oil to clean the inside of the core like you would a gun bore and leave dry. When reassembling it is sometimes necessary to adjust the alignment of the top plate. If it binds this is why. Always use Loctite when tightening back the screws. If the adjuster has not been tampered with it may not be necessary to reset it but if the machine acts differently then it before cleaning follow adjustment procedure.