Basic startup guide

Please watch the audio machine series on my IGTV @electricsharktattoo if you have not already.

1. Always plug in all cords to the power supply before you plug it into the wall socket.

2. Download the Ink weasel app onto your phone or mobile device.

3. Connect your device via blue-tooth to the power supply at BT-WUZHI

4.After turning on the app and it is green you MUST TURN UP YOUR PHONE VOLUME ALL THE WAY!!!

5. For Audio / AC machines first be sure the supply is switched the up position. Start with a 95hz hammerhead wave. To save this as a preset hold down any of the preset buttons for two seconds. Engage the foot pedal and turn up the knob on the supply until it is where you want it. At this point you should be able to control all functions from the app. If nothing happens TURN UP YOUR PHONE VOLUME ALL THE WAY!!!

6. When switching to DC machines first turn down the power supply knob. Then flip the switch to the down position. Switch the app to DC mode. This gives you 5 new presets for your DC machines. Now it's the same as before, you engage the foot pedal and slowly turn up the knob to the desired power followed by fine tuning with the app.