Everything else just became obsolete

The Inner coil tattoo machine is the first of it's kind. Powered by an amplified audio signal, it is truly capable of replicating nearly any machine in existence. First I'd like to explain what makes it extremely different than any other coil machine, inline PWM or Traditional. Any machine based on DC circuitry needs to have a balance of bar weight, spring tension, and voltage. Let's just use a regular machine for example. Once the power is engaged and the magnetic force starts pulling the a-bar down, the connection is broken. The follow through is when the work happens. The weight of the A-bar keeps it moving forward against the resistance of the spring tension. So, the weight of the bar and the spring tension only really work well with one needle grouping at a certain speed. This also rings true for any PWM machine. Though the duty cycle can be adjusted to any speed and voltage, it is still slave to the weight of the bar and return spring, so any given solid state machine can go at any speed or duty but it will still only work well at certain settings.

The Inner Coil is not subject to such restrictions. It has a much higher spring tension, keeping it's much more powerful AC coil in check. By using positive and negative pulse waves, the needle bar weight has no effect on its efficiency. Every instant, it's movement is in full control from the signal. The system is made to have the power to overcome and control any cartridge with no friction loss. This adds a whole new previously un-heard of dynamic. Amplitude! As apposed to turning up the voltage where you would hit a point that the skin just starts turning to hamburger, turning up the volume on the inner coil just adds more precise needle control. Remember, the needle is also getting pulled out with just as much power as it is put in with. This makes changing from a 3 to 14 liner a simple matter of switching cartridges and turning up the volume. The needle does not just keep going deeper and deeper with more voltage like a traditional machine. It goes the same depth, but with more power. This completely changes the speeds needed to do certain jobs. At 100hz with full volume, 22 liners can be achieved. Most people have been lining in the upper 80hz range

The advantages of the inner coil machine are nearly limitless but here are a few. No more snagging! Once again, because it is not dependent on spring vs a-bar weight, no matter how much you slow it down, it quickly pulls the needle out, allowing you to really move. Whip shading and stippling are a breeze. I personally have been doing so at around 80hz but you could literally slow it down to 30 or 40hz and still whip!!!

Black and gray... between picking the wave that hits the way you want it to and controlling the speed, butter never came so easily...

Lines!!! There is no variation in depth once you get it in and start moving. Go faster than ever before and have the cleanest lines imaginable.

The color is to die for. Light blues, yellows, and whites are instantly true to their color. With less damage getting them in, there is much less blood and redness effecting what you see.

And last but not least... It hurts a good bit less. In my first testing, everyone I tattooed kept remarking how they did not feel much. I didn't think anything of it until I got my shin and achilles tattooed with it. I really didn't think the artist was getting anything in at first and was concerned. But when I looked it was there, in and bold. Don't get me wrong, you still feel it and you will still have the random person crying getting their first tattoo, but anyone who has been tattooed will notice a big difference.