Sterilization and maintenance

The quick release lever on the back of the machine allows you to easily remove the grip for sterilization. The lever is somewhat stiff at first but will break in. Do not overtighten it. This will cause it to fail over time.

The Harpē will accept most standard grips with a 5/16 stem.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a different length bar. If your favorite grip does not cooperate, shoot me a message and I can make you a special bar free of charge. Just send me back the machine with the grip and we’ll make it happen.

The machine base can be cleaned with alcohol, but it is good not to use solvent. The cylinder core can be oiled on the (outside only!!) to prevent rust. The plunger is made of a space grade self lubricating bushing material. Do not oil it!!! it is designed to be maintenance free.

Overtime. It is likely that ambient dust could build up and it is necessary to break the machine down. To do this simply loosen two of the screws on one of the sides of the base and then remove two the bottom back plate screws. The machine machine will split into two pieces. Be careful, the bar is under spring tension and will try and spring out.

At this point simply remove the bar and spring array, clean everything with alcohol and put it back together.